The changing geopolitics: the new cold war for strategic minerals to fuel the energy transition
06/10/21 Joburg Indaba Day 1 Session 3.
Chaired by Fiona Perrott-Humphrey, Aim Mining Research, and Senior Adviser, Mining Team, Global Advisory, Rothschild & Co. London

– Brian Menell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer TechMet Ltd
– Richard Williams, Executive Chairman, Bunker Hill Mining & Director Trevali Mining
– Stuart Brown, President, and CEO, Mountain Province Diamonds

  • How is the energy transition changing the demand mix for mined products? Will the West be capable of pushing back China’s current domination of assets and refining in the strategic minerals space?
  • How “green” is the processing of critical metals, and will this constrain supply?
  • How can SA best position itself as a mining jurisdiction to participate in the energy transition?
  • What specifically can an individual company do to mitigate the risk or seize the opportunities of the new scramble for resources?

Mining Magazine recently wrote an interesting article on permitting in the US. Read here – US ‘must streamline permitting’ – Mining Magazine