As a result of the Covid pandemic, this year’s Joburg Indaba event will once again be held online. Regardless of the format, you can expect a highly engaging and interactive two days packed with no-holds-barred constructive conversations on a wide range of critical issues affecting all stakeholders in the mining industry.

Renowned as a leading industry gathering, the Joburg Indaba will once again bring together CEOs and senior representatives from all major mining houses, local and international investors, government, parastatals, experts from legal and advisory firms and representatives from communities and organised labour.

Fiona Perrott-Humphrey, Aim Mining Research, and Senior Adviser, Mining Team, Global Advisory, Rothschild & Co. London will be chairing sessions on both days of the event.

Day One 10h40-11h25  Session Three

The changing geopolitics:  the new “cold war” for strategic minerals to fuel the energy transition

  • How is the energy transition changing the demand mix for mined products?
  • Will the West be capable of pushing back China’s current domination of assets and refining in the strategic minerals space?
  • How “green” is the processing of critical metals, and will this constrain supply?
  • How can SA best position itself as a mining jurisdiction to participate in the energy transition?
  • What specifically can an individual company do to mitigate the risk or seize the opportunities of the new scramble for resources?

Brian Menell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TechMet Ltd
Richard Williams, Executive Chairman, Bunker Hill Mining and Director, Trevali Mining
Stuart Brown, President, and CEO, Mountain Province Diamonds

Day Two 09h50-10h20   Session One

International Investors:  The prospects for the mining sector going forward 

  • Are we in a super cycle or an “energy-spiked” cycle?  What are the main drivers affecting the current rising commodity prices and how long will this last?
  • What implications does this have for mining companies’ strategies and future growth?
  • What are some of the risks of the current bull market, e.g., increased taxes/royalties, demands for increased wages, etc.?
  • What are the potential rewards? Is now the time to make capital investments or exercise capital discipline?
  • What are the prospects for mining given the Covid recovery strategies of the developed countries/regions and the current global impetus towards clean energy?
  • How can South African mining companies ensure that they take advantage of these opportunities?

Brett Beatty, Partner, and Head of Australia, Resource Capital Funds
Olivia Markham, Managing Director, Natural Resources, BlackRock
Mick McMullen, CEO, Metals Acquisition

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